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Lacy disc pendant Swarovski heliotrope crystals gold filled bale P50


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3 vintage Czech glass 20 mm. teal triangle shape glass stones S82


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Vintage vitrail starburst large pendant wrapped in gold P216


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Oval clear cubic zirconia pendant wrapped in gold filled wire P112


Item collection 6518311 original Gallery hero 6518311 original

Huge Swarovski Article 1200 24 mm. gorgeous Emerald AB crystal SW29


Item collection 6518318 original Gallery hero 6518318 original

Unusual Japan 40 x 30 mm. dimensional acrylic blue ice cabochon S84


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I design and craft custom pendants, leather items, mega Egyptian swirl and fancy lacy swirl necklaces, and my rhinestone and leather items. I use only the finest components, including Swarovski crystals and the finest leather and sewing materials. Check out my Inventory Reduction category with over 100 items all priced under $20.

If you are looking for vintage jewelry making supplies, please visit my Jewelry Supplies section. This section contains many very vintage Swarovski crystals.

I offer SHIPPING AT NO CHARGE TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES for all jewelry items, and $2.00 Continental U.S. shipping for all jewelry supply purchases for as many supplies as you'd like to purchase.