Genuine ostrich patchwork black handcrafted womens skinny wallet W29

$39.95 USD


Product Description

Women’s skinny or flat black wallet handcrafted of beautiful soft genuine ostrich skin in a patchwork pattern. The outside of the wallet is 100% genuine ostrich skin and the inside is made of black genuine leather. It utilizes a twist clasp type closure. Please keep in mind that this wallet is completely handcrafted so there will be subtle variations in the skin and stitching.

I have used the finest thread available and this wallet will withstand many years of use. At the present time, there are two of these beautiful wallets available for sale.

I designed this wallet so that credit or debit cards are placed in the wallet vertically rather than horizontally. This configuration maintains the thin profile of the wallet and keeps the cards from falling out, whether the wallet is open or closed.

There are three sections for cards, holding 3 each. Three cards fit easily until the pockets stretch a little, then 4 fit in each section with ease. Behind the credit and debit card section is a separate section for bills. There are two sections for receipts, etc. and another section that can be used for bills. Wallet measures approximately 3 7/8" high, 7 1/2" wide and is approximately 1/2" thick.

Please note that this is the new "skinny wallet" concept, and does NOT contain a section for coins or a checkbook. I carry this wallet myself and use a small separate coin purse (keeps the wallet much lighter also).

Genuine ostrich patchwork black handcrafted womens skinny wallet W29 Genuine ostrich patchwork black handcrafted womens skinny wallet W29


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