Item collection 6523757 original

Carnelian and cream 30 mm. round W. German acrylic cameo S45A


Item collection 6523731 original

3 vintage Czech glass rectangle stones flat top faceted back S79


Item collection 6585977 original

45 mm. carved mother of pearl flower pendant with hole S72


Item collection 6523615 original

Pretty green and gold lampwork bead with roses on clear base 10mm S7


Item collection 6585966 original

Swarovski Teak color Article 6090 38 x 27 mm. baroque crystal SW39


Item collection 6510898 original

Old Swarovski Article 1122 crystal AB rivoli 14 mm. silver foiled SW2


Item collection 6585956 original

Red brass large round flowered filigree dapped heavy finding 1 ea. S4


Item collection 6523597 original

2 rare 14 mm. bermuda blue crystals made for Henry Schreiner SW51


Item collection 6586021 original

Rare Swarovski Article 4650 18 mm. Sahara gold foiled crystal SW18


Item collection 6523509 original

Gold on black 40 x 30 mm. acrylic decal sign of the zodiac cameo S47


Item collection 6527588 original

Vintage Czech 40 x 20 mm. thin faceted back Sapphire glass stone S118


Item collection 6585983 original

Awesome old German vitrail medium crystal intaglio focal pendant S97


Item collection 6585972 original

Old etched dark green jade tongue shape pendant top hole S38


Item collection 6523463 original

Extraordinary Swarovski vintage Christ intaglio crystal pendant SW35


Item collection 6523460 original

Very detailed carved bone elephant focal bead with raised trunk S8


Item collection 6523443 original

Old finding with gold filled wire wrapped bale already attached S113


Item collection 6523434 original

1 Beautiful old 60s German 40 mm. glass snowflake pendant S48


Item collection 6523429 original

3 vintage Czech glass 20 mm. teal triangle shape glass stones S82


Item collection 6520453 original

10 Strange black and white zebra pattern glass beads with flowers S16


Item collection 6586072 original

1 18 mm. and 2 10 mm. Swarovski Article 6202 Siam heart beads SW65


Item collection 6520439 original

Czech glass turquoise matrix 11 mm. round high dome cabochons S83


Item collection 6520437 original

1 vintage Czech sapphire glitter glass 25 mm. heart cabochon S50


Item collection 6520432 original

Swarovski Article 1122 Amethyst 18 mm. rivoli crystal SW28


Item collection 6520403 original

One 40 x 30 mm. W. German acrylic dog portrait cameo 6 breeds S52


Item collection 6518318 original

Unusual Japan 40 x 30 mm. dimensional acrylic blue ice cabochon S84


Item collection 6518311 original

Huge Swarovski Article 1200 24 mm. gorgeous Emerald AB crystal SW29


Item collection 6510902 original

2 Swarovski 14 mm. Article 6202 heart beads Vitrail Medium SW56


Item collection 6510881 original

Vintage Swarovski Article 5230 faceted barrel beads crystal SW57


Item collection 6510872 original

2 22 mm. old round hematite glass faceted center hole German beads S18


Item collection 6510868 original

Large Swarovski Article 4100 brooch style clear oval crystal SW30


Item collection 6510860 original

Swarovski Article 4610 20 x 15 mm. light topaz unfoiled stone SW3


Item collection 2129171 original

Full bloom rose in fuschia and silver glitter hand cast necklace with matching button pierced earrings N44


Item collection 2129182 original

Necklace and earring set with small purple and silver glitter full bloom rose handcrafted N45


Item collection 2128775 original

Ornate royal blue cats eye pendant wrapped in sterling wire P162


Item collection 2129162 original

Apple green full bloom rose necklace on matching ribbon/cord N43


Item collection 2128755 original

Gold mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and King Tut pendant N19


Item collection 2129189 original

Ice blue and silver Egyptian swirl coil necklace with turquoise removable pendant N11


Item collection 2129193 original

Vintage lapis glass pendant wrapped in sterling silver with necklace and matching earrings N79


Item collection 2129241 original

Removable metallic glass pendant on Egyptian mega swirl coil necklace in gold N14


Item collection 2129231 original

Heart of gold AB glitter necklace on chunky gold chain with earrings N63


Item collection 2128967 original

Gold Egyptian swirl necklace with removable Plumeria pendant N25


Item collection 2128859 original

Silver glitter full bloom rose and Egyptian swirl silver necklace N35


Item collection 2128855 original

Clear and AB crystal heart pendant with 14K gold filled wire P234


Item collection 2128844 original

Hand painted pastel flower heart necklace with 2 pair of earrings N50


Item collection 2128545 original

Green jasper and cubic zirconia pendant in gold filled wire P129


Item collection 2128544 original

Genuine Australian mosaic opal and Swarovski enhancer pendant P2


Item collection 2128558 original

Multi-color white metallic all leather womens handcrafted wallet W7


Item collection 2128555 original

Black on black rose bib collar necklace victorian goth style N64


Item collection 6510854 original

1 carnelian and beige 30 mm. round acrylic butterfly cameo S60


Item collection 2128556 original

Genuine lizard black business card or credit card case C2


Item collection 6368513 original

30 mm round hand painted vintage glass lady in blue cabochon cameo S29


Item collection 6527576 original

Black and antiqued cream full bloom rose W. German acrylic cameo S75


Item collection 6369890 original

Swarovski Article 1122 16mm. peridot color rivoli crystal SW31


Item collection 6369876 original

Jumbo 25 mm. vitrail medium old German glass fireball flat back S90


Item collection 6369840 original

2 Swarovski Article 6202 10 mm. Topaz crystal heart beads SW59


Item collection 6368526 original

2 Swarovski Article 5301 huge 12 mm. crystal AB bicone beads SW61


Item collection 6351396 original

2 gorgeous Swarovski Article 5000 12 mm. round crystal AB beads SW62


Item collection 6369848 original

2 W. German acrylic cameos with groove for necklace to be added S63


Item collection 6368672 original

6 old Swarovski Article 5000 8 mm. Light Sapphire AB bead SW49


Item collection 6351361 original

30 x 22 mm. old faceted Czech clear glass oval stone S32



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