Item collection 2128554 original

Hand-painted large red rose on a gold lacy swirl link necklace N46


Item collection 6351387 original

Rare Swarovski Article 2650/V Cathedral 14 mm. crystal gold foiled SW6


Item collection 6368498 original

40 x 27 mm. ruby color vintage German crystal stone no hole S92


Item collection 6351381 original

6 small 12 mm. Swarovski Article 6000 clear crystal drop bead SW47


Item collection 6368659 original

1 pair 23 mm. gold plated earring hoop finding 7 hanging loops S91


Item collection 6368554 original

One 40 x 30 mm. W. German acrylic cat cameos 5 different ones S65


Item collection 6369628 original

2 Article 6000 Swarovski 18 mm. clear crystal faceted drops SW60


Item collection 2128553 original

Sea life clear acrylic teardrop pendant with sterling silver bale P85


Item collection 6369673 original

40 x 30 mm. Carnelian and cream realistic W. German acrylic cameo S26


Item collection 6369150 original

Swarovski Article 1122 12mm. heliotrope rivoli crystals SW5


Item collection 2128551 original

Unisex round black genuine alligator buck-stitched belt buckle B44


Item collection 6369646 original

2 very beautiful black and white W. German acrylic cameos S64


Item collection 2128550 original

Hand painted Egyptian pendant with Swarovski crystals P169


Item collection 6351282 original

10 old teal and gold pink flower 8-10 mm. glass lamp work beads S93


Item collection 2128630 original

Fully adjustable gold filled toe ring with Swarovski crystal P214


Item collection 2128549 original

Unusual iron pyrite nugget pendant wrapped in gold filled wire P149


Item collection 6368507 original

2 old Swarovski Article 6202 clear crystal 14 mm. heart pendants SW48


Item collection 6348132 original

4 awesome sapphire AB glass teardrop beads top hole 20 x 11 mm. S35


Item collection 6348074 original

Swarovski Article 4523 16 x 12 mm. volcano impossible to find SW14


Item collection 6348122 original

4 Swarovski 20 x 12 mm. clear crystal open pear shapes with loop SW44


Item collection 6351335 original

2 Swarovski Article 6202 10 mm. Peridot crystal heart beads SW63


Item collection 6351330 original

Swarovski Article 6202 18 mm. Volcano crystal heart bead SW64


Item collection 6351309 original

6 old Swarovski Article 6200 clear crystal round pendant bead SW46


Item collection 6348105 original

Rare Swarovski Article 4650 Tabac 14 mm. gold foiled stone SW11


Item collection 2128548 original

Silver mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and turquoise pendant N15


Item collection 6348048 original

Rare Swarovski Article 2650/V vitrail medium 18 mm. crystal SW15


Item collection 6351270 original

Old and rare Swarovski Article 366 12.5 x 10 mm. crystal ab bead SW7


Item collection 2128547 original

Vintage small celluloid coral rose and Swarovski crystal pendant P80


Item collection 6348311 original

2 Vintage German faceted glass center hole bead 22 mm. S34


Item collection 2128546 original

Vintage West German turquoise flower pendant on gold filigree P107


Item collection 6348147 original

Awesome Swarovski Article 4627 27 x 18 mm. vitrail medium crystal SW9


Item collection 6348180 original

Old Swarovski Article 2000 39ss Comet OR flat back rhinestones SW45


Item collection 6348023 original

Old Swarovski Article 4650 14 mm. crystal AB silver foil back SW16


Item collection 2128561 original

Cathedral, AB, Light Rose AB Swarovski crystal round pendant P188


Item collection 2128571 original

Vintage turquoise glass and Swarovski pendant in sterling silver P108


Item collection 2128570 original

Vintage Czech red glass kite shape pendant in gold filled wire P130


Item collection 2128580 original

Egyptian queen coral face with Swarovski crystals fancy pendant P40


Item collection 2128579 original

Vintage Swarovski blue zircon flower pendant in gold filled wire P86


Item collection 2128575 original

Porcelain pink rose and Swarovski crystal pendant & earrings - P170


Item collection 2128574 original

West German vintage peacock glass pendant in gold filled wire P150


Item collection 2128573 original

Heliotrope Swarovski oval filigree pendant with gold filled bale P79


Item collection 2128584 original

Oval Swarovski clear and AB crystal filigree pendant P73


Item collection 2128583 original

Turquoise face gold pendant with Swarovski AB crystals P212


Item collection 2128587 original

Goddess pendant pearl white and gold with Swarovski AB crystals P189


Item collection 2128586 original

Turquoise face coppertone Swarovski enhancer pendant earring set P3


Item collection 2128592 original

Vintage orange glass pear pendant wrapped in gold filled wire P131


Item collection 2128591 original

Vintage jade matrix glass pendant wrapped in gold filled wire P109


Item collection 2128602 original

Red glitter heart with rose pattern necklace and earring set N47


Item collection 2128600 original

Fancy yellow topaz Swarovski encrusted oval filigree pendant P76


Item collection 2128598 original

Small fire opal Swarovski pendant with gold filled wire bale P87


Item collection 2128597 original

Titanium quartz point pendant wrapped in gold filled wire P151


Item collection 2128596 original

Purple and cream large rose necklace with Swarovski crystals N28


Item collection 2128595 original

Purple porcelain rose and Swarovski heliotrope pendant & earrings - P172


Item collection 2128607 original

Turquoise and gold goddess pendant with Swarovski AB crystals P213


Item collection 2128606 original

Hyacinth and AB Swarovski crystal gold color disc pendant P190


Item collection 2128610 original

Rose quartz crystal point pendant wrapped in gold filled wire P132


Item collection 2128615 original

Las Vegas showgirl Swarovski AB pendant with gold filled bale P4


Item collection 2128614 original

Hand painted Christmas candle acrylic cameo in gold filled wire P111


Item collection 2128611 original

Hand painted lady face pendant wearing Swarovski crystal hat P41


Item collection 2128621 original

Womens navy blue exotic Sea Bass skin handcrafted flat wallet W30



I design and craft custom pendants, leather items, mega Egyptian swirl and fancy lacy swirl necklaces, and my rhinestone and leather items. I use only the finest components, including Swarovski crystals and the finest leather and sewing materials. Check out my Inventory Reduction category with over 100 items all priced under $20.

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