Item collection 2129223 original

Goldstone removable pendant on copper brown Egyptian swirl coil necklace N13


Item collection 2129019 original

Copper Egyptian swirl coil necklace and removable flower pendant N26


Item collection 2128815 original

Egyptian queen necklace and earrings egyptian revival art deco style N70


Item collection 2128954 original

Egyptian Revival winged scarab collar necklace and earring set N71


Item collection 2128599 original

King Tut gold collar necklace with Swarovski Bermuda Blue crystals N65


Item collection 2129208 original

Egyptian swirl or coil necklace in fuschia and pink with removable pink agate wrapped pendant N12


Item collection 2128604 original

Silver and blue crazy lace agate Egyptian swirl coil necklace N16


Item collection 2128755 original

Gold mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and King Tut pendant N19


Item collection 2129189 original

Ice blue and silver Egyptian swirl coil necklace with turquoise removable pendant N11


Item collection 2129241 original

Removable metallic glass pendant on Egyptian mega swirl coil necklace in gold N14


Item collection 2128967 original

Gold Egyptian swirl necklace with removable Plumeria pendant N25


Item collection 2128548 original

Silver mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and turquoise pendant N15


Item collection 2128580 original

Egyptian queen coral face with Swarovski crystals fancy pendant P40


Item collection 2128586 original

Turquoise face coppertone Swarovski enhancer pendant earring set P3


Item collection 2128615 original

Las Vegas showgirl Swarovski AB pendant with gold filled bale P4


Item collection 2128681 original

Fuschia and pink variscite bird mega Egyptian swirl/coil necklace N18


Item collection 2128858 original

Lucite and Swarovski AB margarita pendant in sterling silver P123


Item collection 2128897 original

Hand painted turquoise King Tut polymer clay pendant P28


Item collection 2128914 original

Egyptian pharoah turquoise glass cameo wrapped in gold filled wire P81


Item collection 2129005 original

Copper wrapped amber color Egyptian scarab on black leather cord N87


Item collection 2129012 original

Tri-color mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and removable pendant N3


Item collection 2129062 original

Light pink mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and agate pendant N4


Item collection 2129092 original

Black mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and turquoise pendant N5


Item collection 2129148 original

Purple mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and white agate pendant N8


Item collection 2129170 original

Turquoise and silver mega Egyptian swirl coil necklace and pendant N9



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