Item collection 2129048 original

Carved fluorite copper wrapped pendant with cloisonne necklace and earring set N73


Item collection 2386482 original

Flower fairy nymph goddess whimsical custom hand painted pendant and hand crafted chain necklace E15


Item collection 2128942 original

Silver purple heliotrope fancy lacy swirl necklace earring set N22


Item collection 2128990 original

Gold and blue fancy lacy swirl necklace and earrings with Bermuda Blue N23


Item collection 2129193 original

Vintage lapis glass pendant wrapped in sterling silver with necklace and matching earrings N79


Item collection 2128667 original

Rare Swarovski Sphinx rivoli pendant and earring set in gold P71


Item collection 2128705 original

Elegant Swarovski Sapphire and AB crystal pendant and earrings P194


Item collection 2128712 original

Red porcelain rose and Swarovski Siam crystal pendant & earrings P174


Item collection 2128791 original

Rare Rainbow Calsilica and Swarovski pendant and earrings P181


Item collection 2128836 original

Silver fancy lacy swirl and turquoise teardrop necklace N20


Item collection 2128846 original

Very rare vintage volcano Swarovski pendant and earring set P64


Item collection 2128865 original

Copper wrapped turquoise round pendant on black leather necklace N85


Item collection 2128875 original

Vitrail light Swarovski heart pendant and earring set P204


Item collection 2128900 original

Copper and black fancy lacy swirl necklace and heart pendant N21


Item collection 2129036 original

Green turquoise gold charm necklace with Swarovski crystals N24


Item collection 2129156 original

Goldstone pendant necklace and earring set in wire wrapped copper N77



I design and craft custom pendants, leather items, mega Egyptian swirl and fancy lacy swirl necklaces, and my rhinestone and leather items. I use only the finest components, including Swarovski crystals and the finest leather and sewing materials. Check out my Inventory Reduction category with over 100 items all priced under $20.

If you are looking for vintage jewelry making supplies, please visit my Jewelry Supplies section. This section contains many very vintage Swarovski crystals.

I offer SHIPPING AT NO CHARGE TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES for all jewelry items, and $2.00 Continental U.S. shipping for all jewelry supply purchases for as many supplies as you'd like to purchase.