Item collection 2129191 original

Unique multi-color flowers and Monarch butterfly handcrafted collar bib style necklace N61


Item collection 2129086 original

Pink roses bouquet bib necklace set with vintage lampwork beads N74


Item collection 2128560 original

Leopard animal print rose copper bib necklace and earring set N80


Item collection 2128678 original

Large yellow rose necklace and earrings with Swarovski Crystals N30


Item collection 2128826 original

Rose gold mega Egyptian swirl/coil necklace and rose pendant N34


Item collection 2129173 original

Copper lacy double swirl wire bib necklace with carved turquoise flower handcrafted N60


Item collection 2129133 original

Burgundy open rose on silver collar necklace and earring set N58


Item collection 2129171 original

Full bloom rose in fuschia and silver glitter hand cast necklace with matching button pierced earrings N44


Item collection 2129182 original

Necklace and earring set with small purple and silver glitter full bloom rose handcrafted N45


Item collection 2129162 original

Apple green full bloom rose necklace on matching ribbon/cord N43


Item collection 2128859 original

Silver glitter full bloom rose and Egyptian swirl silver necklace N35


Item collection 2128555 original

Black on black rose bib collar necklace victorian goth style N64


Item collection 2128554 original

Hand-painted large red rose on a gold lacy swirl link necklace N46


Item collection 2128575 original

Porcelain pink rose and Swarovski crystal pendant & earrings - P170


Item collection 2128596 original

Purple and cream large rose necklace with Swarovski crystals N28


Item collection 2128595 original

Purple porcelain rose and Swarovski heliotrope pendant & earrings - P172


Item collection 2128636 original

Large pink rose necklace and earring set with Swarovski crystals N29


Item collection 2128648 original

Blue porcelain rose and Swarovski crystal pendant and earrings P175


Item collection 2128650 original

Triple red glitter rose charm necklace with Swarovski crystals N48


Item collection 2128670 original

White porcelain rose and Swarovski crystal pendant and earrings P179


Item collection 2128724 original

Gold Glitter Large Rose Necklace with Swarovski Aurum Crystals N31


Item collection 2128759 original

Blue and gold full bloom rose necklace with Swarovski crystals N32


Item collection 2128795 original

Red glitter full bloom rose necklace with Swarovski crystals N33


Item collection 2128893 original

Elegant silver AB full bloom rose necklace and earring set N36


Item collection 2128913 original

Full bloom turquoise glitter open rose necklace and earring set N51


Item collection 2128972 original

Lovely copper color full bloom rose necklace on copper link chain N52


Item collection 2129006 original

Pink roses gold and green leaves Swarovski crystals necklace set N72


Item collection 2129015 original

Gold AB glitter resin hand painted Monarch butterfly necklace N53


Item collection 2129032 original

Ivory and touch of gold full bloom rose necklace and earring set N37


Item collection 2129047 original

Yellow chrysanthemum necklace with floating green glass leaves N54


Item collection 2129054 original

Silver Egyptian swirl necklace set with removable rose pendant N26


Item collection 2129064 original

Delicate and realistic golden rose suspended from a golden chain N38


Item collection 2129084 original

Gold AB fine glitter full bloom rose necklace and earring set N39


Item collection 2129111 original

Black speckled full bloom rose necklace with unusual chain N40


Item collection 2129151 original

Purple glitter full bloom rose necklace and Swarovski crystals N42



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